Oregon Coast


Whoever has not yet seen the unparalleled beauty of the Oregon Coast, with its towering boulders and roaring Pacific waves, must visit. Highway 101 provides easy access to the Coast, winding its way down from the Columbia River to the California border. Travelers can find economical—or lavish lodging all along the breathtaking Oregon shoreline. The Oregon Coast is a favored destination for cyclists who don’t mind adventure, for high winds, downpours and traffic make the route somewhat hazardous. Oregon’s Transportation Department has been developing its cycling paths for over 30 years, however, and welcomes these individuals to an ideal way to travel the coastline.


The shoreline of the Oregon Coast extends for an impressive 363 miles, where the land of Western Oregon meets the Pacific Ocean in scenes of subliminal beauty. The Oregon Coast varies from sandy beaches and massive rocks jutting out into the water to sheer cliffs swathed in emerald forest. The typical mountaintop in the Coastal Range rises less than 2,000 feet above sea level, with the exception of Mary’s Peak near Corvallis, Oregon, at a height of 4,097 feet above sea level. Charming lakes dot the landscape of the Coastal Range.


Canon Beach, Seaside, Newport, Florence, and Bandon are just a few of the welcoming coastal towns to be found on the Oregon Coast.  Relax in a seaside resort, watch fireworks on the beach, enjoy the extensive golf courses of Bandon, go fishing or crabbing, whalewatch, rent a dunebuggy—soak up everything the Oregon Coast has to offer.

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