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Klamath Falls, Oregon Real Estate


Located in South Central Oregon, Klamath Falls is a quiet farming community of 30,000. Klamath Falls, Oregon is situated at the base of the Cascade Mountains on the crux of the Link River. The Oregon town’s arid landscape falling against a mountainous backdrop makes for ruggedly beautiful scenery. Home to six National Wildlife Refuges, Klamath Falls, Oregon is a bird-lover’s paradise. History buffs will enjoy Klamath Falls, Oregon’s numerous Historic Museums and the many homes and buildings listed on the historical registry. These historical Oregon sites include the Oregon Bank building and the Goeller House, built in 1905. The Linkville Trolley Bus Historical Tour in Klamath Falls, Oregon is available for the unbeatable price of $1.00, and free maps are on hand at the Visitor Center for those who wish to enjoy a Klamath Falls, Oregon stroll.


Klamath Falls, Oregon came under the national spotlight in 2001, as its farmers battled to maintain their livelihood when the federal government revoked the families’ water rights. The citizens of Klamath Falls, Oregon rallied together to overturn the ruling, which had attempted (vainly) to protect select species of endangered fish. The community spirit of this Oregon town is one of deep concern for the welfare of neighbors.


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