Hybrid Real Estate of Eugene, Oregon offers a significantly more competitive commission split than other brokerages.  This commission program is an important part of the business model and an integral piece of what makes Hybrid Real Estate a long-term viable solution to growing individual agents' business. 


If an average gross commission is $6000, and an average agent closes 8 transactions a year, then the gross commission for the year is $48,000.  At Hybrid the total company costs would be Company Dollar 5% or $2400, Transaction fees 8 x 250 = 2000, E&O of 1% or $480, and the monthly coop fee of $50/month or 600.  Total cost $4880.  Net commissions to agent for the year 43,220.


Compare that number to a traditional arrangement and it's easy to see a difference of $10,000-15,000.  This is where the agent-directed model really shows.

Hybrid Real Estate Agents feel empowered knowing that they choose where their money is spent. Being able to free up financing for agent marketing, new tools, investment, and personal promotion and use is a powerful object.


As you can see from our website, Hybrid Real Estate makes every attempt to be completely transparent.

To talk further about joining Hybrid Real Estate, please contact us for a private and confidential meeting.


Hybrid Real Estate Commission Schedule: 

YTD Company Dollar        Broker           Company
Up to $6,000                         95%                 5%

$6,000.01 and above             100%               0% 

  • $50 Monthly Cooperative Fee
  • $250 Transaction fee is paid per agent per closing for first 20 transactions and a $50 transaction fee per closing thereafter.
  • If Broker is the listing agent and the sales agent on the same property only one transaction fee will be collected.
  • 1% of gross commission capped at $480 for excellent E & O Insurance ($2,500 deductible, through CNA) 

Please feel free to contact a Hybrid Agent to see how they like our company, so you can feel confident in your choice!

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